Custom Portfolio Design To Address Complex Financial Goals

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At Provence Wealth, Customized Portfolio Design and Management is at the Core of Our Offerings.

Many of our clients seek us out specifically for our investment management expertise. Our proven process starts by building a sophisticated financial plan and global portfolio allocation.


We acknowledge your core assets and build a custom investment strategy to build on your strengths, while diversifying to balance risk.

How We
Do It…

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.


Review your current financial situation to include the following:

Tax returns and deduction strategy

Trusts, estate plan and corporate structure

Company-sponsored retirement plans

Business Succession plan

Retirement projections

Asset allocation

Savings strategy

Charitable giving

Concentrated stock


Optimize a New Plan

Maximize tax deductions

Restructure trusts and corporate entities

Utilize retirement projections to test efficiency

Build a concentrated stock strategy

Optimize global asset allocation


Build a Custom Investment Strategy 

Choose optimal investment structures

Utilize a proper mix of individual stocks, ETFs and real estate

Allocate trust, corporate, Roth and pre-tax assets uniquely

Determine true risk and build adequate global allocation


Actively Rebalance to the Changing Market

Tax harvest gains and losses to optimize savings 

Implement a Roth conversion strategy

Rotate sectors to increase return probability 

Fluctuate asset allocation to changes in market outlook